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Welcome to my portfolio of hobby games.  Please browse and enjoy.
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Clever Girl

(download for PC, Mac and Linux, via, ~90 MB - click image for trailer video)


A time traveller crashes her time machine in prehistoric times and must retrieve the missing components that have become scattered across the landscape with only a bow and arrow for protection. 

After getting a bit of experience using Unity with One of the Herd and Swing It I decided it was time to try something a bit more adventurous for my third collaborative project over at the HobbyGameDev subreddit.  I had a great response with many people wanting to contribute and over a period of five months, starting in November 2014, we created Clever Girl.  Although the game itself is fairly short (~half an hour for a first time player) it has been by far the most complex and involved project I've headed up.

I wanted to get a much broader range of experience using Unity this time around and so designed a game that involved animation, AI, cinematics, terrain, voice-over, particle effects, and most importantly working in 3D for the first time.

Swing It

(web browser - click image to play)

Play in-browser

Swing around perilous 2D levels using a grappling hook, collecting meaningless coins as you go.

My first practice game using Unity's 2D tools.  After roughly a two-year break from game development I started again in March 2014, having decided it was time to give Unity a go.  A handy coincidence led me to join the newly created HobbyGameDev subreddit just as I has started prototyping the game.  Towards the end of development a couple of folks pitched in with a few level designs making this my first collaborative project.  Being a practice project this isn't the most polished example but I think it's pretty fun still.

Space Surfer

(Android - click image to view on Google Play)

Space Surfer on Google Play

Create powerful black holes with the tip of your finger to guide your spaceship around 50 increasingly fiendish levels, in this addictive space physics game. 

This was my first game, developed from scratch using the Android API in 2010.  It's quite basic and very rough around the edges but it still has some fun and unique game play.  I learnt a lot developing this.

One of the Herd

(web browser - click image to play via Kongregate)

Play in-browser via Kongregate

Herd sheep through gates, it's as simple as that!  Play on your own or cooperatively with a friend.
This was my second 2D Unity game, started straight after Swing It was finished in May 2014.  Once again I collaborated with a couple of folks from the HobbyGameDev subreddit, giving me more practice working with others.

My main aim with this game was to see if I could implement realistic flocking behaviour as I've always been fascinated by the emergent behaviour that can result from a simple set of rules.  Overall I'd say that I achieved my goal.

Head Spin

(Android - click image to view on Google Play)

Head Spin on Google Play

Head Spin is a "casual platform game" for Android devices.

No on-screen buttons or complicated controls, just tilt and touch to explore the 20 levels.  Unlock three different characters with unique skills as you progress.  There is no death in Head Spin, just simple, care-free game-play for the pure joy of rolling, jumping and collecting.

My second game for Android, developed in 2011.  This time I used a free Android game engine called AndEngine, plus a free tool called Tiled to design the tile based levels.  This allowed me to make a much more polished and sophisticated game compared to Space Surfer (although still relatively simple in game-play terms).